Principles of escalating health education

Jun 01

Nowadays society has accepted ‘health education’ as a necessary discipline for all, but then also the knowledge provided to students must be acceptable to the local people of the society. Some of the essential principles of health education are given below: 1. Should build Interest: Health education should be taught...

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Tips to Prepare for RRB Exams

May 14

The RRB exam is round the corner, and you need to pull your socks up if you want to get through the exam. You have lots of material to study, and you have hardly two months. RRB coaching in Bangalore can provide you with high-end study material so that you can qualify your exam in one attempt. However, you also need to...

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Bored of the old study-style? Don’t worry try studying with these fun ways

Apr 13

We all know that chemistry is one of the tiresome subjects of all, and studying chemistry can make anyone lifeless. Upon this with old studying style like- memorising course books or studying through online chemistry coaching classes can kill all of the rest left interest of a student. Also, these ways cannot give you...

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Pidginisation & Creolisation: How The New Languages Develop

Apr 05

Whether a language is an artifact or not has always been a topic of debate and criticism. How the human language is originated, the researchers and critics are not able to reach on a consensus solution till now. We have only theories and critical perspectives which attest the cognitive quality of language origination...

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Change in Language Use: Is Multilingualism & Bilingualism responsible?

Mar 05

Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher once quoted “change is the only constant thing in life”, which is true in a lot of terms. While the trend and culture changes from time to time, the verbal language is also changing, globally. Every language in the world has been evolved from a historic mother-tongue that was first...

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How to crack SSC CGL when you have failed previously?

Feb 16

SSC (Staff Selection Commission) conducts a number of exams to recruit the students in various government organisations throughout the year, and SSC CGL is the most popular exam among the students. While a large number of candidates apply and prepare for the exam, only a handful of them are able to crack it. According...

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How to maintain work-life balance

Jan 15

Get, set and prioritize! This is the only way to achieve a balance between your work life and personal life. You need to understand that you cannot do everything for everyone. So, focus on things you are assigned to, and you are good at. Do not miss-commit to your seniors at the office and to your family members. It is...

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