Bridging the gap between demand and supply of food

Sep 02

The agricultural plans of any country are to raise the standard of living of its population. One of the ways to measure this is to ensure nutritional food availability for the people. How this balance of demand for food is met by supply depends on the social and economical activity of the country. Food security is one...

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Nation State, Natural State

Jul 27

The Hindu state government in the narrower sense of that term’s usage, constituted the last pillar of the ideological construct of an ancient India and the complement of the village and caste, her exotic substitute for the development of a true civil society. Anyone interested in developing a theory of human agency,...

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The Animistic Cults and Blood Sacrifices of the Peasants

Jul 10

Scholars often gave the impression that the populace at large, subsumed in its lay leaders, worships either Siva or Vishnu. At other times however, they asserted otherwise. The gods of the ordinary peasant’s religion were exclusively tutelary in nature; that is, they were conceived of not as saviours taking their...

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Hazards of environmental pollution

Jul 04

Man’s greed for wealth and comfort has resulted in the environment getting gravely polluted. And it has had a bad impact on the health of the people, the plants and the wildlife that inhabit this world. The purity of air is questionable and the water that we drink is no longer clean. We eat contaminated food. We wake...

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Jul 02

British, French, and German scholars asserted again and again as they helped draw India into the Anglo-French imperial formation of the 19th century that because of its radically otherworldly or spiritual orientation, the key to understanding the thinking of that civilization lay in understanding its religious basis....

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May 22

Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well.        “Aristotle” The quality of the personality of a person affects the well being of his own, as well as, that of his family, organisation and state. The development of a...

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