Tips to Prepare IIT JEE

Jul 04

Passing IIT JEE exam in a single attempt is very challenging. Millions of students take this exam every year to get admission in engineering colleges, but unfortunately, all are not jammy. If you want to crack the exam in a single attempt, follow these tips.

Don’t Ignore NCERT

NCERT books are the base of IIT JEE exam. Almost 70% questions are covered from these books, therefore you should have the full knack of all basic concepts. Don’t start referring other books unless you have gone through NCERT books. Reference books are recommended to you only for practising questions. You can’t answer all questions if you are not clear with basic concepts.

Explore Alternative Methods

Being capable of solving questions by different methods is a better technique than solving lots of questions using the same method because during the exam you might not be able to solve a problem with your preferred method. Join an IIT coaching in Delhi where trainers can let you know multiple ways.


Revision is a must to ensure that all topics that you have practised are at your fingertips. Revise thoroughly, especially tricky topics. Use reference books to solve questions. Your IIT JEE institute can provide you with enough study material for preparation.

Mock Tests

You are not eligible to sit for an exam just because you have revised your syllabus multiple times. Regular assessment of your level is crucial because this will give you an insight into your knowledge. You might be capable of solving all types of questions, but have you thought that how long you take to answer a particular question? Mock tests will give you the answer. Practise mock tests as much as you can, and try to find out where you get stuck. Revise that topic and try solving more questions to get clear with a concept.

Time Management

Time is requisite when it comes to clearing the exam in one attempt. No matter how many practice tests you have solved, if you don’t utilise your time, you are not going to qualify the exam. Divide your study hours among all topics that to be studied on a particular day and try to finish them within the allotted time.

Follow these tips to avoid losing ground. A coaching institute can provide you with enough study material and also recommend good reference books.

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