Tips to Prevent Gut Inflammation

Jul 04

To maintain the overall health of your body, the foremost thing that you should do is adding gut-favourable food to your diet because as long as your gut is healthy, you will be out and about. The causes of gut inflammation are a bacterial imbalance, leaky gut syndrome, weak immunity, and above all poor diet. Here are the ways you can keep gut inflammation at bay.

Eat Whole Grains

Processed foods are the culprit to deteriorate your gut health because they provide you with empty calories. Your body needs nutrition and fibre that keeps your gut healthy that are found in whole grain food. Refined wheat, sugar, vegetable oils cause inflammation in your intestines. These grains cause severe constipation that leads to imbalanced bacteria and leaky gut syndrome.

However, whole grains are also not recommended if you have celiac disease as they contain gluten. Whole grains are healthy to maintain gut health provided you don’t have celiac disease, otherwise you should include gluten-free diet.

Include Probiotics

Gut problems start when there is an imbalance in the ratio of healthy and bad bacteria. Harmful bacteria feed on sugar to proliferate and impair the ability of your small intestine to absorb nutrients. Probiotics are essential to improve the ratio of good bacteria that will not only help you absorb nutrients but promote healthy bowels. However, it can happen if you consume probiotics every day.

Avoid Alcohol

Chugging alcohol can make you feel relaxed but have you ever thought how damaging it is to your gut health? Alcohol causes a gut flora imbalance that is essential for digestion, mental health, the immune system and more. A healthy diet can positively influence the ratio of good and bad bacteria in your gut. On the contrary, unhealthy food can wreak havoc on your metabolism and intestinal health. Avoid the intake of alcohol as much as you can.

Avoid Antibiotics

Doctors recommend antibiotics to cure infections and diseases caused by bacterial infection. However, they can kill good bacteria and increase bad one. Generally, after completing the course of antibiotics, the level of healthy bacteria increases, but it can’t be as same as the previous one. So you should be careful about consuming antibiotics.

Do Exercise

Sedentary life is also one of the causes of poor intestinal health. Physical activities such as walking, cycling, swimming etc can alter gut bacteria and improve your health.

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