What Does The Three-Interview Series Include?

Jan 09

It is toilsome to explore a topic by conducting a one-short interview. This is when the concept of three-interview comes into the picture. This blog shares what three series it includes and what they outline. Interview one – focused life history At the first stage of an interview, you have to ask your...

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Pidginisation & Creolisation: How The New Languages Develop

Apr 05

Whether a language is an artifact or not has always been a topic of debate and criticism. How the human language is originated, the researchers and critics are not able to reach on a consensus solution till now. We have only theories and critical perspectives which attest the cognitive quality of language origination and development. Not...

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Change in Language Use: Is Multilingualism & Bilingualism responsible?

Mar 05

Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher once quoted “change is the only constant thing in life”, which is true in a lot of terms. While the trend and culture changes from time to time, the verbal language is also changing, globally. Every language in the world has been evolved from a historic mother-tongue that was first spoken in their...

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The importance of translation services for a business

Jul 11

Speaking different languages is not easy. Learning a new language is also not easy. But, what will you do when you are about to discuss a potential business deal with the company of another country and you do not know the language they speak? Messing up the deal would not be a good idea at all. So, what you need to do is hire the services...

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Employee Engagement Services in India

Mar 30

Employee Engagement! This term might sound a little new in India but then, it is well-recognised in foreign nations. At times, when the entire world is facing the brunt of challenging economic scenario, this term has worked wonders by keeping the employees engaged in their task. The basic agenda of management, in today’s times, is to...

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Tips to Play Stylish and Safe Holi This Time

Mar 17

Holi means another form of Fun. The day when we forget about everything and we mean it from everything. Even we look out for best Holi offers and deals so that we can enjoy more. On this day we just consider for friendship brotherhood and sisterhood too (Innovative word). It’s said on Holi even enemies hug each other and make a new...

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