What Does The Three-Interview Series Include?

Jan 09

It is toilsome to explore a topic by conducting a one-short interview. This is when the concept of three-interview comes into the picture. This blog shares what three series it includes and what they outline. Interview one – focused life history At the first stage of an interview, you have to ask your...

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How to Study For CA Exams

Jan 02

Chartered Accountancy is a very prestigious profession in our country. A profession which makes a single person expert of various domains. It gives you name, fame and everything you wish for. Although, CA is not easy. It has been recognized as the toughest course in the country. But proper planning, right guidance can...

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Use These Scientific Ways to Slow Down Your Memory Decline

Dec 08

‘Fitness’ is the most recent buzzword in town! Being fit is a craze and passion among youth and even aged alike. Finding fitness freaks in every nook and corner of modern cities is a common phenomenon all across the globe. Magazines, health & fitness websites, colleagues, friends, and social media – you...

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Tips to Prevent Gut Inflammation

Jul 04

To maintain the overall health of your body, the foremost thing that you should do is adding gut-favourable food to your diet because as long as your gut is healthy, you will be out and about. The causes of gut inflammation are a bacterial imbalance, leaky gut syndrome, weak immunity, and above all poor diet. Here are the ways you can keep...

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Why Indian Universities are Failing to Contend for Top Ranking

Jul 02

This year Indian universities have fared dismally in World Education Rankings. Unfortunately, none of the Indian universities is in top 200. India has slipped down from the previous year ranking. IITs but IIT Bombay have fallen by one band in their rankings. The IIT Bombay is listed between 251-300 ranks, and four other IITs are lying...

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