Why Indian Universities are Failing to Contend for Top Ranking

Jul 02

This year Indian universities have fared dismally in World Education Rankings. Unfortunately, none of the Indian universities is in top 200. India has slipped down from the previous year ranking. IITs but IIT Bombay have fallen by one band in their rankings. The IIT Bombay is listed between 251-300 ranks, and four other IITs are lying between 351-400 that is very disappointing.

According to experts the common reasons for losing ground in the fight of getting top ranks are lack of competent faculties and a shortage of funds. However, two other important factors are also considered to determine the ranking of Indian universities – the number of international faculties and overseas students, and unfortunately, Indian universities have scored zero on these points.

Here are the possible reasons why Indian universities are falling behind in global ranking.

International Students and International Faculties

Ranking agencies have a view that if Indian universities are globally reputed, why don’t international students and faculties flock to India? World University Ranking agencies consider the proportion of overseas students and faculties at an institute or a university, which is where Indian universities lose the race. Oxford University has a top rank because 38% of students are Indian. However, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore has only 1% International students of total candidates.

Research Volume and Citations

Research work, citations, research fundings and student-teachers ratio are also considered to determine the rank of a university. Indian universities fall short of these requirements too. This is because universities provide a few streams such as management, engineering and humanities that lead to a restriction in research work. The Indian Institute of Science has fallen from 201-250 rank to 251-300 rank, and this is due to a plummet in its research income and research influence score.

Indian universities to revamp the education system if they want to get higher rank in World Education Rankings. The focus should be on research fundings, citations and pulling overseas students and faculties.

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