India: Women Employability Courses

Feb 03

Gender equality doesn’t mean that both have to be similar to each other, however, it states that no undue preference should be given to either male or female. Instead, it implies providing equal opportunity to up skill the capabilities so as to choose the best available opportunity which improves their lives. It...

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Passion can become your profession!

Aug 24

Passion! This is something which we all have; Passion is basically a strong liking for doing something which keeps us engaged without leaving any room for boredom. We all love getting involved in passion with our heart and soul. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that this passion sometimes act as a driving force to...

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Paving the way towards equality – A deeper look at women’s voting rights in India

Sep 06

For decades in the early nineteenth century, women in India were suppressed and denied their rights to voice their opinion, vote or stand for office. Women were treated only as objects of beauty that were destined to take care of their husbands and children and would have only one world – the four walls of their home....

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Cloning and its future

Sep 02

First of all let’s understand what is cloning. Cloning is the act of reproducing without actually going through the biological action of sperm and egg fertilizing to form an embryo. In this natural process there is always an element of surprise making the end product, the offspring, different. The offspring has...

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Calculating machines

Jul 27

The application of appropriate analogies and even further-reaching comparisons to electronic calculators led to the tremendous achievements which finally brought about the highly misleading names of “electronic brain”, “giant brain”, or “thinking machine.” The performance of these machines is truly...

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The Steam Carriage

Jul 15

As early as 1769, a French artillery officer named Cugnot had driven a steam- propelled carriage around Paris. On one of the first journeys he ran into a wall and thereafter abandoned his experiments. Since Watt did not follow up his idea of using steam to drive coaches, Murdoch, his assistant, set to work. To begin...

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