Cover letter and other important tips: On how to land a job in higher education

Apr 18

Landing a job in higher education can be as easy as writing a good cover letter apart from just having a resume. The cover letter should accompany each result sent, and it should describe the person experiences, skills, and abilities. Next, the hiring manager should get a glimpse of your personal and professional...

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How to Make the Right Career Move After Schooling

Dec 28

  Many students find it tough to settle on a single career choice after they finish schooling. While it is good not to have too many career choices, it is also important to find a single move that can become a student’s soul career in future. If you are facing a similar conflict, then it is important for you to...

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When is the Right Time to Apply for Financial Aid to Study in Canada?

Oct 20

If you are keen to study in Canada, you must also be willing to apply for scholarships. However, when do you know it is the right time to apply for financial aid in Canadian Universities and colleges? Are there any deadlines to be kept a check on? What important documents are compulsory to become eligible? In spite of...

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Right planning at right time should be your career mantra!

Aug 17

Have you ever imagined how your world would have been without planning? It would definitely have been hassled had you not planned things in accordance. Planning constitutes a very important role in one’s life. And when it comes to career planning, it plays the most important role as it defines your goals, aims and...

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How Soon Is Soon Enough for Career Planning?

May 16

If you are the modern Indian student and are aware about career choices and choosing the right institute for higher studies, you are probably somewhere in your mid-teens and are just about to leave your high school studies. This is true because with the extensive and competitive educational patterns of India compel you...

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Tips to Master the Skill of Speed Reading

Feb 19

In this day and age whether we are at school or college or at work, we are required to read a lot. Not only do we have to read a lot, but we also have to read quickly and absorb all the material as fast as possible. That is why we need to improve our speed reading skills. So how can we master this skill? 1. It is a good...

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