How to Make the Right Career Move After Schooling

Dec 28


Many students find it tough to settle on a single career choice after they finish schooling. While it is good not to have too many career choices, it is also important to find a single move that can become a student’s soul career in future. If you are facing a similar conflict, then it is important for you to understand that your chosen career path must take you closer to your long-term goals. For instance, you can take up a course in management if you want to handle your own business after completing your higher

As opposed to the above, the same career choice may not be suitable if you have an interest in the field of interior design or do not have the aptitude for management subjects. Thus, there are several factors to consider before you figure out one solid choice. Since you do not get many chances in future to shift your career entirely into another stream, it is always better to be wiser while making the first move. Also choosing the right college after schooling is a vital factor for a bright career and sometimes students will even have to opt for college admission consultants for taking right decision. Even though you may be too busy after schooling, you should spare time for planning your career. Here are some questions to ask you while you think over and plan. Check them out.

Do I have self-awareness?

Self-awareness is the first stage that helps you plan your career. When you are about to enroll in a course, check whether you know what you actually want to do in future. Assess the type of skills you possess and the values you hold. Look at your subject interests and determine the type of personality you have. It is highly important to find your own strengths and weaknesses before diving into a vast ocean of available courses and avenues.

When you would go for job interviews at a later stage in your career, you might realize that self-awareness is always the most critical aspect of shaping your future. For example, you may have some creativity that can turn you into a wonderful artist after taking up a design course. However, you may not find the best fit if you are poor at mathematics and choose to take up an engineering course. It is good to avoid choosing a study stream that does not appeal you or make you passionate about its elements. Go for a career for which you have the aptitude, interest, and skill. Your choice must be a nice fit for your personality type. A public relations course may not suit an introvert.

Have I checked the available opportunities?

When you do some self-analysis, it is time to move to the next stage where it is required to analyze the available resources and opportunities. It is not advisable to jump into a decision that you may regret in future. To answer this particular question, you may listen to some career talks or undergo a career counseling session with an expert. Gather information about the subjects you are interested in and the scope of taking up specific courses. Find out about the job prospects in each area. Look at the admission criteria for varied courses that match your interests, aptitude, and skills.

You may also read some booklets or online materials to gain the knowledge of various academic courses. Additionally, you may consult a few senior students already taking up the courses you like. Exploring such opportunities and resources will help you in understanding what you would be able to do with a particular subject or degree course. Pick up the one with optimum opportunities.

Have I decided the best fit?

If you have taken a career decision by simply following the common choice of your friends or just by a hunch, then it can be disastrous too. You need to understand that what is best for your friends may not be good enough for you. Every student has different expectations, passions, and future priorities. Thus, it is also essential to find your own best fit. After you have analyzed the queries at the above stages, it should actually be easier for you to determine your best fit.

If it still being a difficult decision for you to match your internal factors with the external opportunities, then you may take help from a counselor, parent, or teacher. However, never compromise on your real passion as it can even hone your existing skills to meet the expectations of a specific career.

How should I act on my decision?

When you go into the details, make assessments, and take a satisfying decision, it is time to take the right action too. Your career move may turn differently with different actions. For instance, determine the course availability at reputed and approved educational institutions. It is also important to compare the same courses at varied colleges or universities so you may select the best that suits your needs and conditions. Know about the admission procedures, institutional facilities, and training and placement scenarios at different institutes. Take help from some credible informational sources while gathering such details so you can take proper action to enter the career you love.

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