When is the Right Time to Apply for Financial Aid to Study in Canada?

Oct 20

If you are keen to study in Canada, you must also be willing to apply for scholarships. However, when do you know it is the right time to apply for financial aid in Canadian Universities and colleges? Are there any deadlines to be kept a check on? What important documents are compulsory to become eligible?


In spite of being reasonable with the education, accommodation, and living expenses, studying in Canada would still cost you more that it would have had in home country. Scholarships, grants, bursaries, and education loans have come to the rescue of international students who shed their savings in admission and preparation, left to worry about managing the living and other sundry expenses.

Majorly, for scholarships one has to be academically and physically eligible, but of course, if you are convincing enough, none of your efforts will go waste.

Even though we live in an advance era of internet, there are still a lot questions that trouble us. After all, applying for scholarships in a foreign university isn’t as easy as it sounds. Here is detailed information of everything you must know about while applying for graduate, post-graduate, diploma or certificate programmes in Canada.

A majority of scholarships would cover tuition fees alone, with other expenses being levied upon the students. Yet there are some under the full scholarships programme that claim all your expenses throughout the course duration.

Canada’s lifestyle appeals many students from around the world. Its lively and amiable environment, multicultural crowd, and extraordinary tourist attractions are some of the many reasons its government and educational institutions welcome students, more from abroad. As a result, Canadian universities offer scholarships for candidates from parts of Africa, Asia, Latina America, and Eastern Europe.

No single country offers financial aid that easily. For a candidate to be eligible, must have outstanding academic records, your need for financial need, documents provided along with the application, current financial situation, to mention a few. The major intakes in Canada are in the month of September as against the minor intakes that are in the month of July. Remain within the time frame and impress the universities with your enthusiasm, requirement, and potential.

Most of the times, education consultants take care of the application procedure. For the rest, students must be up-to-date with the websites of concerned colleges, universities, and government. Since, the major details of the procedure are put online, one must be aware of the documents required, deadlines, and the concerned authority.

Like there is a checklist of documents required for admission application in Canada’s top universities, there are also fixed documents that are required to be submitted along with the rest. They are –

  • A transcript of grades
  • Letter(s) of recommendation
  • An essay on a given topic

If you are worried about the validity of a scholarship offered to you, you must research sufficiently enough online to see whether the information provided to you is correct or not. If there is less or misleading information provided to you, it is a clear sign of fraud and you must step back!

Author Bio-
Sugandha Dhamija is a long term writer for The Chopras, noted overseas education consultants in India. The Chopras provides study abroad & career counselling services to avid students preparing for higher education abroad.

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