Use These Scientific Ways to Slow Down Your Memory Decline

Dec 08

‘Fitness’ is the most recent buzzword in town! Being fit is a craze and passion among youth and even aged alike. Finding fitness freaks in every nook and corner of modern cities is a common phenomenon all across the globe. Magazines, health & fitness websites, colleagues, friends, and social media – you will find endless discussions about ways to be physically fit. However, what we are lacking is the realization of need and availability of knowledge and sources to keeping your brain healthy.

Brain health is equally important as physical health; including crucial mental functions such as planning, memorising and reasoning. As we age, our brain cells impair and memory lapses. But, ageing is not the only cause of a cognitive decline. Although genes contribute to mental health, lifestyle habits are also critical. Mental sickness or depression symptoms are not new to the modern lifestyle. According to a recent study, approximately 41% of the world population is suffering from some kind of slow but disastrous memory loss symptoms.

A significant change in lifestyle habits can slow down your cognition decline

  • Be physically active to trigger endorphins

You don’t have to be an athlete and join a gym to lift dumbbells to keep your brain healthy. A 30-minute daily brisk walk can attenuate the risk of mental diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. It boosts proteins and endorphins, which lift your mood and communication.

  • Mental exercises to boost cognitive skills

Playing games, reading, socialising and travelling are intrinsic to stimulate brain cells. Some brain games and puzzles improve multitasking skills and problem-solving skills. Read as much as you can whether it’s a newspaper or a fiction or nonfiction. The more you read, the lower the risk of cognitive impairment. Interaction with people is also paramount to keep your brain healthy as you think logically while communication.

  • Find ways to manage stress

You should meditate to control stress and stay equanimous in tough circumstances. When you’re stressed, cortisol hormone sprouts up and damages brain cells. Relaxation therapies like yoga and meditation can improve your memory and lighten up your mood.

  • Healthy Diet

Eat healthy to stay healthy! Your food should be nutritious enough so that your body can assimilate all nutrients required for its better functions. Omega fats are highly recommended to people to improve cognitive function. Eat whole grain food, herbal food, and fruits and vegetables to avoid the risk of inflammation of brain cells.


There is no right time to start living ‘more healthily’. You should start as you feel to manage your life in healthy ways. You can take control of your longevity with exercise, healthy eating, and stress management.

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