Passion can become your profession!

Aug 24

Passion! This is something which we all have; Passion is basically a strong liking for doing something which keeps us engaged without leaving any room for boredom. We all love getting involved in passion with our heart and soul. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that this passion sometimes act as a driving force to self-motivate us when we feel low. So imagine if we pick up this passion as profession, we will always love being busy with our job. There won’t be any piece of boredom and eventually we will gain new achievements in life. However, there are a very few people who have learned this art to convert passion into profession.


 So let’s take a quick review of a few tips and tricks which can help you in monetizing your passion:

  • Start teaching others what you love to do: Share your ‘hobby’ with others. This can be done by teaching others what you love to do. This will help you earn value for money for your passion and profession. For example, you can teach piano lessons, start your cooking classes, or else teach any regional or other language. You can also start teaching your favourite subject in college.
  • Make ‘beyond the border’ deal: If you are an artist, you might be having an eye for the artistic productsFor example, if you love wines and you are a wine enthusiast, you may import well-painted wine glasses from some different country.
  • Make a win-win deal of your hobby:If your profession involves publishing, but your first love is cooking, you can try teaching people in the food industry on how they can get their cookbooks published.
  • Speak up:You can also start writing about your hobbies. This will help you in getting good payments in return.
  • Create a tour based on your ‘love’:If you love pizza, you can make a pizza tour and then compile your experience in a book. This will again help you in earning name, fame and money.

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