India: Women Employability Courses

Feb 03

Gender equality doesn’t mean that both have to be similar to each other, however, it states that no undue preference should be given to either male or female. Instead, it implies providing equal opportunity to up skill the capabilities so as to choose the best available opportunity which improves their lives. It means that women should have a similar approach to resources and rights in the same way as men have.

India holds an important position amongst the fastest growing countries of the world. This high level growth will sustain and prosper only if along with men, women are equally participating in every sphere. Ranking 124th in the year 201 in terms of women’s economic participation, India has gone up to 114th rank in the year 2014 which clearly states that the economic participation and the speed of availing the opportunity by women is increasing at a good pace. However, when talked about Economic Participation, Educational Attainment and Opportunity, we are still below average.

A number of factors from appropriate opportunities for employment, dearth of skills along with a number of societal issues are the reasons to keep the female deprived from rising the ladder of success and stop them to give their share in the economic development. The development in any economy produces a number of jobs majority in service sectors which are availed by men with a minimal share of women. These women get the left out options and hence cannot take the advantage of the prevalent developments in the economy. Therefore, these employability courses prepare women to be on the same page with the men.

The dearth of skills, the high difference in the ratio at the educational level of the labor force hinders the women to participate actively in the country’s economic development. A revolution is must to take place in India not only at the employment level, but also at the educational level so that women can give their 100% effort in the economic development. It is because educational participation and employment exploration cannot flourish in isolation to each other and goes hand in hand. It is not only government’s responsibility, however, business and non government organizations are equally responsible to up skill women workforce to suit the market requirements.


  1. Poor education and marriage act a structural constraint for the employability of women. The Proportion of women self-employed is lesser than men comparatively. The only revolution can be the importance of female labour that can bring about a change in the society and its outlook.

  2. pooja /

    A woman is dynamic in nature and so does her opportunities need to be!

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