The world of SEO writing

Nov 17

There are many people who are gifted with a talent for writing. But till now there was no outlet for their talents. They had to either become a journalist or they had to become a novelist, and it is not easy making a mark in either of these two professions.

It takes years to become a successful journalist. Salaries at the entry level are very low, and the work is time consuming and quite difficult. Journalists are often expected to work late at night, and get up and go anywhere at odd hours in search of a breaking story. After all the stress and strain and hard work, there is still no guarantee that they will rise to the top of their profession. Many quit when they are still young because they find that the returns that they get are not worth the life that they have to endure.

The task of becoming a novelist is even harder. It takes years to write a good book. Many try and fail at this first hurdle itself. Even if they endure the struggle and succeed in writing the book, the second stage is even harder; the task of finding a publisher to release the book. If by some chance this second stage is negotiated then comes the final hurdle in the process, and that is for the book to be a commercial or critical success. Clearly, many try, but only a few cross all these hurdles.

So what is a gifted writer to do? Well, thanks to the wonder of the Internet, and the opportunities afforded by search engines, they now have one more option; the option of becoming a SEO writer.

Many people would ask what the meaning of SEO is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process by which websites are marketed online so that they finish on the first pages of a search engine result. There is a lot of writing involved in this process. This kind of writing cannot be done by just anyone, and it requires quite a bit of skill.

SEO requires large volumes of content to be written, and often on the same topic. This opportunity has come as a godsend to many people who wish to make a career in writing. Since there are such large volumes of content that need to be written, it ensures that there is always ample work for not only experienced writers, but also new entrants to the industry.

The best part about this field is that a lot of the work is done through freelancing. This means that many people get a start by sitting at home and writing. They then get the opportunity to work for a professional SEO company. The initial salaries might be low, and the deadlines might be tight, but eventually there is progress on both fronts. Many continue in this profession for a long time and juggle different activities like writing, proofreading, and editing. The continuous growth of search engines means that this is one field that will keep providing more and more opportunities.

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