Pigeon Deterrents for Dummies

Jun 19

Bird Droppings are a ghastly sight on any building whether it is a residential house or a corporate office. Moreover, the bird droppings in warehouses can cause contamination of the stored product which may lead to a economic loss due. The bird droppings are acidic and can damage masonry. It can also damage metallic structures over a period. Additionally, the bird droppings can spread diseases like Histoplasmosis to individuals. The problems usually start with bird droppings and finally leading to bird nests in residences and office complexes. It starts with a single pigeon and its nest and finally grows into a colony of pigeons. Pigeon nesting blocks vital openings such as gutters that can lead to flooding, and leads to breeding ground for parasitic insects like bird mites. Pigeon droppings and nests are particularly problematic in Air conditioner’s outdoor units.

These problems with birds and more specifically pigeons require professional Pigeon Control or Pigeon deterrents in residential as well as office complexes. Pigeon deterrents comes in many forms and the most common form being the bird spikes. Bird spikes are upward pointing metal spikes to prevent pigeons from sitting or landing on the ledges or window sills. The spikes are blunt and they act as deterrent for the birds. They do not harm the pigeons. The bird spikes is made of stainless steel and have high grade pokes and polycarbonate ultra violet stabilized base, which ensures longevity of the spikes.

Bird net systems is the simplest form of pigeon deterrent, as it is most cost-effective solution against the heaviest of pigeon infestations. The net spacing comes in various sizes depending on the type of birds infestations. It is most suitable option in an urban environment and it comes with a UV stabilized polyethylene netting that is weather proof. It also comes with zipper access that allows the access behind the net which allows easier cleaning. The bird wire system is yet another common pigeon deterrent. It features tensioned stainless-steel wires that form a landing barrier. Bird droppings are acidic and are known to transfer diseases and cause structural damage in the long run. Plastic Bird Control Spikes are 100% effective, safe, permanent physical barrier and it completely blocks pigeons from landing on surfaces. It can be installed easily with spikes adhesive. The plastic bird spikes will not corrode or decay as they are made of a durable Polycarbonate material. Plastic Bird Spikes require zero maintenance, and provide total pest bird protection while maintaining facility aesthetics. The most advance form of pigeon deterrent are Sonic bird control system, which an electronic gadget that gets rid of pigeons by emitting a variety of naturally recorded distress calls and predator cries that confuse, frighten, and disorient pest birds. Sonic bird control is a safe and eco-friendly way to get rid of birds from outdoor areas. All these bird deterrents are readily available with various bird control companies in India

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