Encourage entrepreneurship for a better economy

Jul 24

Any economy depends on manufacturing or agriculture or other services it is providing. But for a better economy there is a need to create more jobs thereby increasing revenues o the companies as well as the country. One important task that needs to be done to revive the economy is to encourage fresh engineers and business students to take entrepreneurship [p rather than working for someone else. This helps in creating new and more jobs both in manufacturing and service sectors also. This can be done by encouraging students to take up risks and new tasks and experiment new things. This nature of working on their own and lending support must be inculcated in the student’s right from schooling. Also students must be given an opportunity to utilize their summer internships in doing something new and own rather than working for some other companies. Even if they fail during the process they will have something to learn from this failure. Parent and teacher must inculcate among students the habit of learning new things and implementing them even though it is a failure or success.

Also few students who have the abilities and capabilities to become entrepreneurs quickly move to other developed countries where there are more opportunities and scope for development and implementation. This brain drain has caused a lot of damage for our country which cannot be replaced or recovered. Even now we still have the chance to utilize our students to start their own new companies by encouraging entrepreneurship. Government must produce some subsidies and other training and support services for students so that they come out boldly and implement their ideas. Also they must start a new cell especially for the new industries so that the support can be provided easily round the clock. Experts for different regions can be used to provide inputs for these young entrepreneurs and encourage them to take risks. Separate entrepreneur cells must be set in different parts of the states to provide training and support. Separate cells for manufacturing, services, IT, ITES and other sectors must be made available so that students can choose the right choice based on their interest. Apart from normal schools and colleges, there should be separate colleges for students interested in entrepreneurship with a special curriculum mostly which would be practical. Encouraging entrepreneur’s helps in reviving and developing our economy and also our country.

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