Do We Need Civil Revolution?

Jun 04

The word ‘civil’ refers to the common people and their needs and concerns. Therefore, the term ‘civil revolution’ means struggle of the populace to overcome the odds associated with the social and political grounds. However, this kind of revolution comes when the young generation stands at odd ends with their societal and political systems. India has experienced civil revolution in it bygone days. History of India is marked by the fight of common people, under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, against the British governing body.

India in the present times also needs a civil revolution to fight against the corruption that is making our country hollow from within because it is a parasite which is clinging heavily to stop our country from progressing. We are surrounded by corruption in our day to day life. Women are forced to face gender discrimination even in the 21st Century. Practices like torturing women for giving birth to a girl child or for not being able to give the demanded dowry are prevalent in our society. Female foeticide, domestic violence, taking dowry at the time of marriage, etc. are all punishable offence but still these immoral activities are conducted in our society frequently.

There are other forms of corruption that reside in the people who inhabit the society, of which we are a part. We are surrounded by people who can deceive us if we are not aware of them. Bribing is a very common because people often bribe the person in power to get their work done. Cheating and bribing are forms of corruption that is sucking our country from inside and making it vacuous. These offences, though punishable, cannot be eliminated from our society as they have become ingrained in our everyday life.

The problem behind our inability to fight against corruption is the state of mind of the Indian population. We choose the easy way of getting things done. We prefer to blame others for our failures and inabilities. So, in order to rise in opposition to corruption, we primarily need to change the way we think. This transformation cannot come in a day; neither can we bring the change by enforcing laws. We need to make people aware of the wrong that is going on and how we are also contributing to it by keeping silent. People must realise that if they do not stand against these corruptions one day they will also become prey to it. In order to make people conscious of all these misdoings, there is the need of civil revolution.

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