The importance of correct grammar

Oct 14

There are many people who must be wondering what the importance of grammar in modern day life is. After all, we live in the age of text messaging where even the longest words are condensed to a few short alphabets. Is it really necessary to spend hours and hours with a dictionary in hand trying to learn the correct nouns and pronouns and making sure that all the punctuation marks and syllables are in the right place. The answer is, yes. Good grammar always was essential and still is essential.

It will help you land a good job in a competitive market

Every time you go to a job interview you must have noticed how there are literally thousands of candidates for a single position. It definitely is quite a task to stand out in such a big crowd. The qualifications are the same, the work experience would be similar, and every candidate would have an impressive story to tell. But sometimes how you tell that story can make all the difference. Good grammar helps you tell that story well. It helps you make that great first impression which can be all the difference between a failed interview and an entry into a great career.

It will help you in corporate life

As you keep climbing the echelons of corporate life, speaking well and writing brilliantly becomes more and more important. Suddenly all those e-mails and text messages that saw you through your younger days are no longer good enough. Now you need to prove that you are a man of knowledge, an educated soul. You are addressing some of the brightest and most powerful individuals in your company and you cannot afford to look silly in front of them. Using good grammar in your sentences is no longer an option; it is something that is highly essential that will help your career progress in the right direction. If you still feel that your work lacks proper grammar skills, it is best to take help from editors who are proficient in doing the same.

Laying a good foundation for your children

When you are talking in front of your children, it is essential that you use good grammar. The short forms and the slang will be things that children will learn in the outside world anyway. But where will they learn the good grammar. That can only come from within the home, from you. Children emulate how their adults speak and it is essential that the adults at home speak properly so that a strong linguistic foundation is laid.

It helps in learning foreign languages

Many people these days choose to learn a foreign language to improve their job prospects. If you are one of those people then you will realise that unless you are strong in one language, you will fail to get mastery over another language. That is why being strong in grammar is very important.

Text messaging and SMS are not going to last forever. It is a short term trend that will eventually fizzle out once a new trend comes into the picture. But good grammar is the foundation for good linguistic skills and that is bound to last forever.

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