Scope of Medical Research in India

Jul 04

Today, medical research has become one of the important components contributing to the Indian economy. Further, it is a significant field of study which helps towards providing advanced medical treatments and cure. Both public as well as private sectors are included when it comes to developments in the medical research field. The research initiatives necessarily include Indian as well as international firms.

In the recent years,Indiahas seen tremendous progress in the field of technology and science with several multinational pharmaceutical firms planning to launch themselves inIndiaand initiate many research programs in the country. The Government of India has always offered its support as well as guidance towards the progress and development of these research endeavours.

There are a number of reasons which have contributed to the development of scientific as well as medical research inIndia. Some of these include the cheaper outsourcing costs for bringing business into the country, the positive and friendly attitude of the government to new business undertakings and research activities, the educated and highly skilled workforce, and the like. Moreover, the quality of scientific knowledge imparted in the country is also regarded as one of the reasons for the developments in technology, science, and medical research. There are many a number of young researchers and scientists who are willing to render their intelligence to different universities and other research organizations which are spread across the country.

Now medical research is undergoing a major change inIndia. Apart from individual as well as lab-based clinical trials, the field of medical research has been able to include national as well as international studies which are multi-centric. SinceIndiais highly regarded as a rapidly growing economy, it is considered as a potential market for the ever growing global health segment. As a result of this,Indiais included in multi-centric studies like invention of new drugs, new devices, etc.

In fact, medical research has undergone a sea change from an endeavour with limited resources to a well-structured industry involving millions of dollars. Furthermore, with this transformation, the requirement for trained research professionals is also on the rise. It has also created a large number of opportunities for the young trainers as well.

In the global scenario, the clinical trials market is drawing billions of dollars, andIndiais slowly evolving as a hub for clinical research. A majority of the Indian cities are equipped with health care professionals and support staff, and other facilities like technological devices required for diagnostics and patient care. In fact, these facilities match those which are present in and around the globe.

In the coming years, the clinical trials performed in India are expected to yield good results and make the process of diagnosis much easier.

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