Scope of biotechnology

Jul 04

Biotechnology is a branch of science that unites biology and technology. The results derived from the study of this science have uses in fields as varied as the development of medicines and vaccines to food production and nutrition. Graduates of this discipline can be found working in labs that research stem cell methods and gene therapy. The human genome project and cloning would not have been successful without the help of biotechnologists. The rapid progress of agricultural methods and the use of organisms for the production of beer and milk owe a debt of gratitude to biotechnology. One of the most important contributions that this science has made has been in the creation of DNA vaccines, development of drugs that are derived from plants and building better delivery systems for injecting medicines in the body.

India has become one of the prominent countries in this field of science. Its labs are known to develop cutting edge techniques and research material in this field. That is why courses in biotechnology are so keenly sought after by so many students in this country. One of the unique aspects of this science is the two varied fields that it brings together. Biology is one of the oldest branches of science. The results of early biological research can be found in traditional forms of medicine like Ayurveda. The ancient people knew many unique ways of curing the body through herbs and juices acquired from plants and trees. Modern scientists are now using contemporary technology to gain greater knowledge about the ancient ways. As a field biotechnology is relatively new. That is why there is ample scope for research in this science.

There is a great deal of talk in the world about alternative sources of energy with the gradual depletion of our oil sources. Biotechnology might just have the answer. The use of biomass and generation of plant based liquid fuel could just provide the way ahead for mankind. There is tremendous diversity in the oceans and rivers of the world. The bio-chemicals present in them offer plenty of opportunity for deriving raw materials that can be used for nutrition, pharmaceutical products and for industrial uses. With environmental pollution such an important talking point these days it has become important to look into matters like waste recycling and improving damaged ecosystems. There is extensive scope in biotechnology. It just needs dynamic graduates to do research and find the answers that people seek.

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