Why India is lagging in research in education

May 26

Many universities in India could not match to the standards of international universities only because we lack in research. Although we have good number of universities across the country, most of them concentrate only on teaching rather than on research work. Research work not just helps in learning new things but also helps in putting the university on an international space. Students must be encourages to take up research work rather than copying and pasting the project reports. Also other area where we are lacking is the number of researcher in this area. Most of the students who finish post-graduation end up in job and do not take any research activity. A very few percentage of the whole students end up taking research as their career and so India is still lagging in terms of research work.

Also universities must increase the stipend amount being paid to the researcher which will attract more students to take research as a full time career. The availability of resources is another important aspect which needs to be considered by the country. Students and researchers must be provided with best infrastructure and resources to carry out the research task. Successful research makes successful India.

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