Do we need more IITs and IIMs?

Apr 26

If we look at current education scenario in India, then we can visualize that presently there are sixteen IITs and thirteen IIMs, which are considered as the premier academic institutes in the fields of technical and management education. Over the years, best brains in India strive to get admission in these institutes, and these institutes have been setting a very high pass filtering mechanism for selecting proper candidates. However, emergence of new IITs and IIMs are creating a huge debate regarding the quality of education being provided by these institutions, and their overall impact on the other academic institutions across the country. As the number of students getting enrolled in these institutions is getting higher every year, the cut-off percentiles for getting admission are also becoming lower, and as a result, the quality of students getting admission in these institutions are also falling. Apart from that, the other technical and management institutions are also not getting good quality students, and in this course, they are the worst hit. As a result, employability of the students is going down. If you want to put forward your comments in this ongoing discussion, kindly browse through the pages of

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