How Soon Is Soon Enough for Career Planning?

May 16

If you are the modern Indian student and are aware about career choices and choosing the right institute for higher studies, you are probably somewhere in your mid-teens and are just about to leave your high school studies. This is true because with the extensive and competitive educational patterns of India compel you to start planning early on. However, one wonders, how soon is soon enough? Let’s see!

While you are in the womb of your mother: Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, neighbours of extended family members and their relatives, all plan a career for someone who is about to take birth, because that is how it is ‘supposed’ to happen.

On cognition: When you start exploring, touching and holding things, relatives find it amusing that you are finally developing some skills and immediately decide a career choice for you.

When you are in school: The way you perform or do not perform in certain subjects, goes to show where your interest lies. This to some extent is an indicator of what you may end up doing.

As you set to finish school: This is period in which you get a better idea about what your destined to do. Taking the help of aptitude tests and researches on the internet about various programs and corresponding entrance tests, go a long way in helping decide your life’s calling.

While in college: In college you finally may have made up your mind about where you need to be for your higher studies. Options now need to be evaluated because after junior college you will be expected to take up a career course on a serious level.

So the answer to the question reveals that choosing a career starts very early on in life and does not end till you are settled in your higher studies course because it’s never too soon to start planning a career.

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