What Focus Group Moderators Can Do For You

Dec 03

Generally, people are asked for their opinions and qualitative data is gathered through focus group interviews. The group generally comprises about seven to twelve members, who would answer all your questions honestly. Bringing them all under one roof would give you a variety of responses that would help you create marketing strategies accordingly.

Appoint some good moderators

While gathering a focus group, you need to remember that you would also need to appoint some good focus group moderators, who will not only extract answers effectively from the members of the group but also record their expressions, ideas, and the information they have shared with them. This kind of research will be helpful when you are about to launch a product or service. In fact, you can also hire them after the launch of the product or service to see what the new or the same focus group has to say about your launched offering, your company, etc. Since the results of these interviews are generally unpredictable, companies prefer this method of data collection. In fact, this will help you get a fair idea of what people think about your product both beforehand as well as afterwards.

Expect much better results

This method of gathering data is more effective as compared to paper surveys since you would not only be getting immediate responses but would also gain an insight into what people really think about your products or services. While a paper based survey would be possibly lost in the mail or considered as spam, this method would not have such limitations. The only possible limitation is that many people might not reveal their true feelings regarding your offerings. However, that can be overcome in case of some market research companies that use the services of focus group moderators, who would hypnotize the respondents and elicit responses from them. They would then give honest answers that would otherwise not necessarily be given by them. You need not worry as to whether problems would arise during or after the person is hypnotized since it would be done by a professionally certified hypnotist, who would help the respondents get back to their normal state after the focus group session.

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