Why People are Choosing Private Schools Over Government Schools?

Oct 13

private-vs-publicOne day, my housemaid came and asked for some monetary help. When asked for the reason, she told me that her younger son is studying in some private school nearby and she needs to buy some books and belongings for him. I asked her, “Why don’t you send him to a government school? Fees are lesser there comparatively and your son will get books and copies for free. Moreover, he will get one time meal there.” In reply what she said was like a slap on my face. She said, “Madam, I want to give him ‘good education’ so that he can build a good career for himself”. I was literally stunned to hear her answer but it gave me a reason to think that even the low-income group of the society realizes that government schools have become good for nothing!

Well, when I started introspecting more on the matter, I figure out some characteristics flaws in government schools. Statistics show that majority government aid schools lack minimum infrastructure and qualified teachers to run them. The previous UPA government started ‘midday meal system’ to allure the students to come to school. It’s no doubt a good approach to provide one time food for those poor students who have to drop school to earn money for the family. But, it is also a fact that these schools are now focusing less on studies and more on the meal. Thus, the standards of government schools have downgraded to a large extent. On the other hand, the private schools are ensuring upgraded infrastructure, emphasize on communication skills and activities and introduce modern teaching procedure. The end results of these schools are far better than the government ones.

I am not saying all government schools are in bad shape. Obviously there are some government aid schools that shine bright in terms of academics. But, still government run schools are following conventional approach towards studies, which should be checked soon. Otherwise, the day is not very far when government school will become a forgotten name in our country.

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