Time Management Tips for SSC preparation

Oct 14

Being successful at the SSC is all about how you manage your time both during the exam and while preparing for the exam. In the SSC you are scored for your ability to answer correctly the maximum number of questions in a limited time. This is the key to getting selected from a pool of few lakhs of candidates who sit for the exam every year. It is imperative that one must master time management in order to achieve critical success in such competitive exams. You have to set realistic goals, a sensible time management strategy will allow you to answer the maximum question, and also help you to optimize your time when preparing for the exam. Here we reveal some tips that will help you prepare for the SSC in the shortest time through effective time management skills.

How to manage time before SSC while preparing?
Although you are preparing for your SSC, you cannot forgo the daily activities, such as taking meals, bath and proper rest or sleep. So you must set realistic goals with respect to completing your study goals. Strategize such that your deadlines are easily achievable. Divide your study time into four slots, keeping each slot two hours long. This is a smart way to invest your time and mental resource. After studying for more than two hours fatigue is more likely to set in. In such a mental and physical condition it is not worthwhile to study. You can make the most out of your time when you are in the best state both physically and mentally to concentrate. At the end of the day do not forget to assess your whole day performance.

How to manage time while solving practice SSC questions?
It is imperative that you practice solving as many mock exams as possible. It is ideal that you take online tests. In an online test-taking environment, everything is automated so if you do not finish on time, your test remains incomplete. This is an ideal ecosystem to place yourself in so that you become habituated with the time crunch in a real test-taking scenario. When you practice, your goal should be to finish as many questions as possible with the allotted time. You can achieve high levels accuracy and speed by staying calm yet focused during the process.

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