The Enigma of Nursery Admissions in Delhi

Apr 25

In Delhi, there seems to be a race among parents when it comes to applying to Schools for Nursery Admissions. Some parents boasts of the fact that they have applied to more than 30 schools and some remain contented with a simple number 10. So much is the nervousness that parents do not want to see their kids losing out on becoming the Satya Nadella and the Raghuram Rajan. They want to ensure that their kid starts off with a good reputed School. To fulfill this dream they head off from their homes in the wee hours of morning and queue up themselves in front of the school gate. As soon as the school gates are opened, stampede occurs that leads to heated arguments and sometimes it transforms into a boxing match.

For the sake of transparency, Schools have come up with a lottery system, in which names of tiny tots are read out and if their child’s destiny favor’s then that kid gets the admission in that dream school. Other parents leave the campus with a heavy heart when they could not find their kid’s name in the list. Different Schools have different criteria for admissions as some want the parents to fill the form online, some want the parents to take the print out and submit the filled form to the school while some other want the parents to get the token from the school which will unlock their online admission process and then submit the filled print out to the school.

This is the main problem that parents face when they are applying in different Schools. Need of the hour is that the whole admission procedure needs to be uniformed and streamlined. There are also some questions which are being raised over the autonomy and transparency of the school. It is true that a larger part of the autonomy stays with the Private unaided schools as they still have a big say in rejections and selections of the applications. While strengthening this autonomy, The Delhi High Court recently upheld the management quota system by issuing a stay on Delhi Govt. order to abolish the management quota in nursery admissions in private unaided schools. But of late, Govt. also came up with a 100 points system under which points are being allotted to applicants ranging from neighbouring parameter (has the highest value from 20-40 points), siblings already studying in the applied school, alumni parents, child of divorced/single parent to a girl child getting extra points. Children under EWS category (economically weaker sections) get the first preference in admissions as schools need to carve out 25% of their seats for the EWS or Disadvantaged Groups. However, there were reports this EWS criteria was being misused by Parents and Schools.

There is a virtual tug of war between the Delhi govt. and private unaided schools which leaves the parents in lurch, not knowing what needs to be done in order to secure a seat in a good school for their child. The root cause of the problem lies in the fact that Govt. doesn’t have a participative policy and it completely ignores the parents and schools who are biggest stakeholders in the admission process which causes the chaos and confusion in the admission process.

So what could be the solution of the problem?

First of all the Govt. needs to abandon its non-participative and myopic policy in order to be accommodative and participative in its approach. It needs to include the suggestions of parents and schools while framing the policies and guidelines for admissions who have years of experience in dealing with admission process and can sense and iron out the problem that the administrators possibly cannot.

Secondly, the schools needs to be more transparent in their admission criteria and should put up the uniform guidelines on their websites for admission procedure so that parents can avoid unnecessary hassles of following different admission criteria for different schools.

Lastly, Parents should also desist from furnishing the false documents for getting the undue benefits as these type of forgeries snatches away the Right to Education of other child. Parents can also seek the assistance of some websites as these websites guide the parents in following the guidelines for admission procedure systematically.

With these simple solutions we can shape the future of our children which will have a cascading effect on the bright future and robust economy of our Nation.

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  1. Naman /

    it is no less of a war out there! finding money and finding connections are the only solution of such a plight, which is indeed disheartening

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