Is the cost of education in India a deterrent for aspiring students?

Nov 07

For generations, education in India has always been a fantasy for many people. The price associated with schooling/college courses has been the major factor behind this inaccessibility. Moreover the best institutes of learning are located in the cities and metros of the country. Therefore those living in the rural and village areas have to shift to the places where quality education is available. Sadly this would not be possible for everyone.

Rural folks don’t have enough funds: As mentioned above, the village folk often have to deal with the problems of moving to a new area if they want to receive a decent education. Obviously, the added costs of accommodation and travelling is bound to deter many of these prospective rural students, as they simply don’t have enough cash to shell out for their lodgings – even if they are able to raise the money required for completing their chosen course.

Education, a distant dream even for city dwellers: One may believe that education is within the reach of those residing in cities or locations that house excellent institutes. But tragically due to issues such as inflation and rupee slump, the cost of living has been increasing nowadays at a day-to-day rate. And education is not an exemption at all!

According to statistics even preschools can charge you anything from INR 5,000 to 30,000 (annually) or more than that, based on the type of the organization. If this is the cost of preschool education, just imagine about the price of higher education. Now, how many parents or students residing in the cities or metros would be able to afford the sharp hike in fees even if they have easy access to the place of education? And if this is the condition of city people, the plight of those in villages needs no mention at all.

Price hike in public institutions puts off deserving students: Today, even government-run colleges and schools have increased their fees abruptly and alarmingly. For instance, the Kendriya Vidyalayas have raised their fees by three-fold. Even the prestigious professional institutes like IITs and IIMs, which have considered only the ability and talent of the student for admission, have increased the annual charges to an astounding amount. Now, how many students would be able to pay such an amount even if they are able to clear the competitive examinations? Of course scholarships are available, but not every student would be able to secure a grant for education even if he/she has been bestowed with intellect and aptitude.

In conclusion, it can be stated that the ever-increasing price of education in India is definitely a major hindrance for potential students. Today the alarming changes in fee structures are making a huge impact on many households. If this state continues without any checks, many families may simply choose to put an end to their child’s education even if they are not willing to do so.

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