How to crack SSC CGL when you have failed previously?

Feb 16

SSC (Staff Selection Commission) conducts a number of exams to recruit the students in various government organisations throughout the year, and SSC CGL is the most popular exam among the students. While a large number of candidates apply and prepare for the exam, only a handful of them are able to crack it.

According to a survey, nearly 98% of the selected candidates have already given the exam before at least once. However, only 2% of the population in India is too brilliant to crack the exam in the first attempt. You must be thinking that the candidates who clear their exam in the first go must have been practising since ages, but maybe they just did it in a few month with some wise strategies while taking online coaching for SSC CGL.

Here are a few strategies to crack your SSC CGL exam, even though you have failed in it multiple times :

  • Confidence
    Do not lose your confidence or hope if you have failed the exam previously. Failure should push you further to thrive better and not pull your confidence level down. Confidence is your first step towards the success and you should be confident enough during your exam. It is okay if you couldn’t clear it earlier, make this attempt count and don’t get bogged down because of a few questions which are hard for you to solve.
  • Revision
    A lot of candidates think that revision is best done after completing the whole syllabus, although you should revise the mathematical formulas, English rules, general awareness questions daily before going to bed. Revising these little things on daily basis would help you remember them by the time you have to appear for the exam.
  • Coaching
    You might have been studying the course by yourself until now and do not a few tricks to solve the long questions in a short time. Online coaching for SSC CGL would help you with the tips and tricks to solve the questions in a click of time and manage your time accordingly during the exam. Online coaching for SSC CGL are better than the regular coachings as you can learn the topic where you lack, and would not be wasting time in the areas where you can work yourself.

You can’t just give up on something you have been working for so long. Don’t let the spark die, just keep on working hard and you will strive the exam this time with the right guidance through a number of online coaching for SSC CGL.


  1. Lucya /

    Hey everyone! great article! super helpful!
    Please follow the strategies to crack SSC CGL exam…

  2. Catherine /

    Motivation blog, right guidance given to crack the exam. Thanks for sharing!

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