Tips and Tricks to Remember Formulas

May 29

During preparations, working through hundreds of problems can be unmercifully tedious. Therefore, we bring you some suggestions that will help ease the exhaustive process of remembering formulas.

  • Use diagrams to understand formulas.

Example- Two dices are rolled. What is the probability of getting a sum of 2, 3 etc?

Minimum sum that can be obtained from the two dices =1+1=2

Maximum sum that can be obtained from the two dices=6+6=12

Middle term of the sums= 7 Total outcomes with the two dices= 6*6=36

Probability of getting 3= 2/36

  • Do not just memorise the formulas, apply them. Application of those formulas will help you remember them.
  • Conceptual understanding of the formulas that is correlating formulas with real life concepts will improve your understanding.
  • Stick sticky notes in your room, washroom, or wherever possible. Make different sections for physics, chemistry and mathematics and compose your own formula book for reference and revision. Make sure that the notes are short and crisp; just a look at them and you should get the drift.
  • Try to recollect the formulas when you are not around the study materials or when you are doing an activity that does not relate to your preparation, like standing in a long queue.
  • Make funny mnemonics -that is learning the formulae in a specific pattern and revise them by either reciting them in a particular tone of a song you like or as a riddle. You tend to remember the lyrics of a song without any effort because the song is set to a tune, which the brain easily captures. Choose non-mathematical elements that you can recall later.
  • Meditate- This may appear unrelated to your preparation but actually merely ten minutes of meditation can absolve the negativity and help dissolve your stress.
  • Make fun games out of the formulas and play with your friends or all by yourself. For instance, randomly choose a topic and ask your friend to come up with all the formulas related to it.
  • Test series- no matter either how many tips and tricks you apply, you have to consistently practice the test series, online or offline, whichever mode suits you best, to be able to succeed.

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