Tips to Play Stylish and Safe Holi This Time

Mar 17

Holi means another form of Fun. The day when we forget about everything and we mean it from everything. Even we look out for best Holi offers and deals so that we can enjoy more. On this day we just consider for friendship brotherhood and sisterhood too (Innovative word). It’s said on Holi even enemies hug each other and make a new start. So these were the basic things about Holi which we all know very well but there are some other things by using them you can make this Holi the fabulous one without getting worried about yourself. So now I am going to share with you some tips to have a blast Holi this time and tease the one who make you afraid of this Holi festival here we go with colors


    1. Use of Natural Colors-Most People Only use the word natural colors while advising others while not actually describes these. So natural colors are Roses and other flowers for pink you can use. For Yellow you should go with chandan powder by mixing in it a little haldi and kesar. For green color you can use pudina leaves and many more ideas that are exactly coming in your mind these things will make others cost effective too so they will use less colors:


    1. Moisturize must be applied on your face
      Before going for playing Holi have your daily moisturizer in palm and apply all over the face and neck. While you are Appling it for first time use water to get it easily soaked by your skin after washing up your face with simple water apply the moisturizer again in a gentle way to create a coat over your face.
    2. Use Oil to before going out
      This one is mainly heard but the right way is different. You should use oil not right before you are going to play Holi. You should use oil applying your body and hairs one night before Holi. So that oil can heal your body in a much smooth way.


    1. Flaunt up your sunglass
      holi faces
      You must have aviator or other sunglass and usually you don’t go out with others so frequently so I would suggest you to have sparking sunglasses to flaunt up cum protect your eyes. So this Holi you can pose more and look tremendous in your sunglass and play a safe Holi also.


    1. Use Light colors more like Pink Yellow
      Yes Instead of using dark colors like blue and green try to use different colors like yellow pink, because these colors are easily removable. In case of dark colors it gets observed by skin and makes you like men or girl in blue so avoid the dark colors to look perfect on Holi.


    1. Wear Covered Cloth
      Wear Covered Cloth
      Instead of wearing opened clothes I would suggest you to go for closer one. Try to wear your old shirt or full sleeves caring top and the bottom where you can go for old plazo while boys should go for paints or pajama instead of wearing jeans. However if you don’t want to reuse you can go for jeans it will look dashing on you.


    1. Try to make French Braid and avoid keeping hairs fly-
      Yes the thing you can go for protection of hair is make a braid as French is the best to tie up your hairs. Don’t go for open hairs because colors will affect your scalp and that’s not good.


    1. Don’t wear too thin cloths
      The changes you can make on this Holi is to avoid thin clothes go for the cloths have tight fabric so that colors can’t affect you body directly. If you will go for thin clothes it may give you the awful look after water catches you.


    1. Enjoy dancing more
      We all know the Holi parties and fun there on so get escape with the lots of people, who can make you the next color icon, enjoy the dance more to get the main enjoyment of Holi celebration.


    1. Drink plenty of water
      On Holi, to keep your skin smooth and make your energy stay last long drink plenty of water before Holi and on Holi day too it will keep you fresh and energetic too.


    1. Eat more play less
      What you can do is eat much to get perfect energy and have the amazing taste of dishes made by the concerns you can make it like you would be eating people will forget to maximize the color you already have.


    1. Use a good toner on your face
      Before going for Holi celebration it is must to have proper care of your face as Holi colors can actually affect you bad and even after knowing that you can’t escape from people you have. So it’s best to use a good toner to protect your face from harmful colors.


    1. You can go for Headband to cover up your head too.
      Do you remember that look of Shahrukh khan’s look in Josh movie the headband make him remember over years. So try a full head covering Headband to protect your hairs and scalp from colors.


    1. Drop Rose water in eyes in before playing Holi
      Our Eyes are very important for us and at the time of Holi it’s being observed that eyes can be affected with Holi colors so avoid the risk and before going for celebration drop rose water in your eyes to get relax.


  1. Make a thin coat on your nails to get protected.

    Yes the main thing for girls are nails colors can rule over your nails for months to avoid to have a forever color on your nails apply a coat of plain nail paint so that colors don’t get in touch with your nails directly.

    So I hope you must be trying all the tips I have mentioned even those escaping tips too. So have a wonderful and safe Holi, Enjoy the colorful festival Holi 2016!!!!!

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    tried oil and it does work great

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