Make Your Passion Your Profession: Become a SEO Writer

Oct 23

Do you have a flair for writing? Do you love to express your thoughts through words? Is internet browsing your hobby? If the answer to all the aforementioned questions are ‘Yes’, then dear, SEO writing is a good opportunity for you to start your career. When passion becomes profession, you never feel bored or over-burdened.


SEO or search engine optimization is the new big thing in the internet marketing place, where every website is trying to catch maximum traffic. And the job of a SEO writer is to write contents for those websites based on certain specific ‘keywords’ so that the particular website gets top position in the search results, conducted by different search engines.

To become a SEO writer, all you need is to join some organization for full time job. There, they will give you training on how to write a keyword enriched content. Otherwise, you can become a freelancer and work as per your own conveniences. There are numerous bidding platforms like ‘Elance’, ‘Freelancer’,  ‘Odesk’ etc., available on internet, where you can easily create your free profile and start finding SEO writing  projects.

Whether, you are a full time SEO writer or a freelancer, you have to remain passionate towards writing. If you lose your passion, it will affect your profession for sure. A SEO writer’s profession indulges lots of internet based research work and studies over different genres of knowledge. Once, you get an idea about the subject you are supposed to write, and then you need to use your own creativity to write a unique piece of article or blog. That piece of write-up must be free from any kind of grammatical error and plagiarism. And, above all, you have to incorporate the keywords accordingly. A crisp, well researched, unique, attractive and SEO friendly content is the mark of a good SEO writer.

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