3 Mistakes That Spoil Website’s User Experience

Aug 02

Last day, you operated Google Analytics and shuddered by the sight of your website reports; high bounce rate, low conversion rate, traffic dropped by 17%. Horrifying isn’t it? What could be the possible reasons of such drastic performance? You have the all-perfect website with a great user interface which is well designed, with catchy content and infographics. Not always your visitors are impressed by the five or seven stars you put on your website, instead 94% of your website traffic comes to your website looking for their much-needed products or services. However, this is true that they are driven to your website with a good design but are hooked up to you only when they are guided properly and easily can explore the services you offer to choose one suitable for their needs. Therefore, the user experience is the first thing that increases the credibility of your website whereas the user interface increases the visibility of your website.

Coming back to the point; Mistakes!! Let us explore the mistakes your User experience service provider has made while designing your website which has ruined its user experience:

  • He focused more on the creative structure and UI design!

Too much creativity harms the scope of your services and products. If you want to sell a knife, then why decorate fruits and advertise utensils? No logical connection right? Instead, keep it coherent and simple!

  • He bombarded the visitor with multiple call-to-actions!

Imagine you step into vendor’s shop, and he proposes you to buy 30 more products from him or invites you to dine with him tonight. Uh-uh! Out of context! Well, that’s how your user feels when he is asked to sign up, subscribe and other pop-ups. Let him explore one thing at one time.

  • He observed what users love and not on what they want!

Users love the creative and attractive stuff, but the reason why they are on your website is totally different! He came to you because you deliver the desired product but when he gets there, he only sees pomp and show. Cheated no? Pomp and show in your website are required at minimal and usability of it the most.

Well, there are a lot of more things to explain, but these are the most commonly apparent faults embedded in your website. So, consult your user experience service provider to negate these mistakes by creating more effective and simplified layout, design, functionality in your website.

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