How to Gain Entry into a Masters Program in Financial Mathematics

Mar 24

Students who complete a Masters program in Financial Mathematics find that they have great scope in insurance, investment banking, retail banking, fund management, and many other areas of finance. But what are the requirements for them to enter this course.

They need to have firstly completed a graduation course majoring in statistics or mathematics. This can be a Bachelor of Science degree or a Bachelor of Mathematics degree or any other degree in a related course. University boards will definitely look favourably upon them if they were to get above average scores that are above the 65 percent range. Students should ideally have learnt real analysis, partial differential equations, numerical methods, probability, stochastic processes and algebra in their graduate programs.

International students from non-English speaking countries might need to pass an English exam if they are seeking admission in colleges in Anglo-Saxon countries. Many colleges provide the facilities of online admissions. Students need not take forms from the college office, fill it up and then stand in long queues. They can simply fill the forms online, print it for their own copy, and carry it with them on the day of the interview.

In the program students get trained in mathematical foundations, statistical techniques, risk assessment and computational techniques. In every semester they have to complete some compulsory courses and some elective courses. The students are given a list of elective courses from which they have to choose the options that they wish to acquire certificates in.

The students also have to complete a thesis project. They are advised to select a project as early on in their program as they can so that they have plenty of time to complete it. Quantitative finance has been on the rise for some time now as financial products get increasingly complicated, and this has been accompanied by a simultaneous increase in the demand for students who are skilled in financial mathematics.

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    After the global financial crisis, there has been need for highly trained finance specialists with advanced mathematics techniques. As a result, masters in financial mathematics and quantitative finance has become the hottest professional masters programs.

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