10 Biggest Reasons of Failure in IIT JEE

May 24

IIT JEE exam is one of the most difficult exams; there is no doubt in it. This is well known that it needs a lot of efforts and time from the side of the students. This exam is conducted to select only the cream for admission in the Engineering colleges. Every year a large number of students (about 12 to 15 lacs) students take part in the JEE mains and a very few get eligibility to appear in the JEE Advance. The only candidates, who are talented and hard working, can fulfill their dream of getting admission in IITs, and all the rest have to go back for some others options. Students have to understand that there is something more that is highly necessary along with the intelligence and hard work. Yes, that is systemic IIT JEE Preparation and expert guideline.

IIT JEE Online Coaching

Experts of Kaysons, IIT JEE Online Coaching Centre, make students aware of following reasons why students get failure in IIT JEE Exams.

Lack of solid strategy: IIT JEE exams are not the exams which can be cracked by chance or by simple effort. A solid strategy is always necessary to crack the exams.

Fail to follow daily schedule: When students start study, they are in high spirits, but as they go ahead with their study, they generally get low. Most of the students do not follow their daily schedule and they just make formalities to finish their course.

Mind distractions: In the modern environment, students have a lot of things that divert their mind. Mobiles, Television and idle gossip with friends are few of them which become the time consuming factors. Students consume a big part of time which should be utilized in the preparation.

Selection of unsuitable coaching institute: Selection of coaching centre for IIT JEE Preparation should be done wisely. Sometimes improper guideline and impropriate way of education can become the factor of failure.

Short time period: Three subjects-Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry have nearly 200 chapters which students have to prepare for grasping in-depth knowledge. That is why a proper time for IIT JEE Preparation is needed. When the students do not give proper time, they are unable to go through the topics comprehensively.

Lack of time management: Lack of time management cannot help students in their success. In lack of proper time management, even those students, who have knowledge of subjects, become unable to complete the IIT JEE exams.

Lack of analytical skills: Questions in the JEE exams are not based only one concept. Students without analytical skills are totally confused while solving them.

Lack of proper mentoring: Going with IIT JEE Preparation blindly cannot give students desirable results, so the expert guideline is utmost necessary. Without the proper guideline, students cannot utilize their mind power in the right direction and finally they get failure.

Personal factors: Personal factors with students can be the cause of the failure. Some time students fall sick, and feel some problems physically and psychologically. Perturbation and fear during exams can check students to recollect the formulas and other kinds of information.

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  1. Mrigakshi /

    Every one is trying hard to get to IIT.But competition has increased so much these days.

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