Tips to Enhance Your Reading Skills

Jul 30

People mostly start their day while reading newspapers to catch up with the recent happenings in the world. Their daily schedule also includes browsing countless emails, reports, proposals, periodicals, and letters from colleagues. When you look at it, reading is not only a work-related skill but is also used at every age, whether we are at school, college or work. In this era, people have a shortage of time, and hence speed reading is very necessary. Listed below are some excellent tips to read and understand more quickly.

Stop Talking While Reading

We, as a reader, mostly subvocalise. This may help us to remember concepts, but it is a major barrier to speed reading. To overcome this habit one can try chewing gums while reading. This occupies muscles used in sub vocalizing.

Cover Words You Have Already Read

Most of the times your eyes jump several words or lines back, these are short movements which slow down the understanding process as well as act as the barrier to speed reading. To avoid this, one can use an index card to cover the words right after you have read them.

Eliminate Structure Words

Structure words, like “the, or, and”, are essential in the creation of the sentences. Even if someone overlooks or skips these words, the sentence still implies the same meaning.

Fewer Movements with Eyes

Eye movements act as the key role in speed reading, but the eyes are controlled by the brain. You can read faster if you train your eyes to move on a specific word or line, instead of rolling it all over the page. You can take advantage of an index card, just by placing it over a line of text so the above text is hidden to make sure you can maintain your focus on a specific line.

Every person should practice out these steps on a regular basis. The important advantage of speed reading is that it saves time and leads to the bigger picture of understanding.

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