Home remedies for sinus and cool sleep

Nov 24

Are you allergic to air? Do the cool winds make you cold or flu patient? Are you sick and tired of gobbling up medicines and yet there is no respite from such ailments? If answer to all these questions is yes, then, try these methods which are useful for sinus infections, congestion, cold and flu.


Essential Oil Steam Inhalation: This method is known across the nation for its benefit in curing sinus infections and congestion. The warmth a patient gets from steam is soothing and the moisture helps in losing and moving mucus within the sinus cavity.

First add 3 – 5 drops of essential oil in a bowl along with boiling water. Now, cover your head with a towel making it more like a tent. Start breathing deeply via nose for cold or sinus infections. You can also breathe through the mouth to soothe a cough. Let this exercise continue for 10 – 15 minutes. Then lift the towel.

If you feel insomniac or else are tired, you can try the following methods for a gentle sleep:

Bath or Massage: This is yet again another beneficial method which can help in giving a cool sleep. First dilute 5 – 8 drops of essential oil into carrier oil which could be anything like sweet almond oil. Then add it to bath or else use it as massage oil. This method helps in giving a restful sleep as well.

Room and Linen Spray: Room and Linen Spray is generally used to kill germs and freshen the air around. Mix 20 – 30 drops of essential oil with 4 oz. water and 1 a table spoon of vodka (first allow the oil and water to mix). Now, shake the mixture well before using and spraying the air or bed linens to kill germs. This mixture will help in freshening the air around.

Diffuser: You can add essential oil to a diffuser or bowl of hot water to ensure there is fresh and pure air around.

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    I am sure these can precautions at home can be of a great benefit to one’s health.

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