Letter Writing Tips for SSC CGL Exam

Jul 19

Before writing a letter, you should know the difference between formal and informal letters. Both types of letters have different patterns, and you should not mix the one with another. Here are the letter writing tips that you should follow.

  • Writing a letter to officials means updating them about your problems and asking them for bringing an effective solution. Introduce yourself and explain the desired action. Since you can’t order them, your tone should not be autocratic.
  • If you have been asked to write a letter to your boss, you should be ceremonious. Don’t beat around the bush. Instead, state your purpose clearly.
  • If you are writing a letter to your customers, write in a courteous manner. Your tone should be friendly even if you are complaining. Don’t dilate your writing. Your content should be brief and relevant to the purpose.
  • If you are writing a letter to an editor, give a detailed view of the problem. An editor is a person who will give voice to your problems, so stick to your purpose while writing.

The Format of Formal Letters

The letter should begin with the address of a sender that involves house number, town/city, avenue and pin code. The sender’s address should be followed by a receiver’s address and subject.

Always remember that the subject should be written clearly so that an examiner can decipher what the letter is about.

Divide the body of a letter in four paragraphs. The first para should talk about your purpose of writing. The second para should give details of the problems and issues that you and your society is facing. The third paragraph should reveal your expectations. Don’t write in an authoritarian tone. Make a polite request, instead. The fourth para should be about the conclusion of the letter.

The Format of Informal Letters

Informal letters are written to those with whom you have friendly relationships. These letters begin with a sender’s address that is followed by the date and salutation. The body of informal letters should be divided into three paragraphs: the first para should talk about the purpose of your writing in brief; the second paragraph should have detail about your purpose; and the third para should have a concluding summary.

Some Important Rules

  • Unlike informal letters, you can’t use contractions in formal letters.
  • You can use imperatives in informal writing.
  • A date should have a month in words in both types of letters.

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