Stress appeasers during examinations

Sep 18

Examinations are taken just to gauge your knowledge. A system of expressing artistically on paper whatever you have learnt throughout the year. Had you been attentive in class, you would never have encountered exam stress. However, few steps to cast aside exam stress are: Plan a schedule The first and foremost thing in...

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Importance of Taking Notes in Research

Sep 07

You already have received your topic, prepared a rough proposal and have done some spadework at the library to get some insight for actual research. Great job until now! Well, you are now ready to kick off the real research phase. This is exactly where you are supposed to take down some notes. Why so? Let’s check...

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Is online learning reaching far enough?

Sep 02

Online learning is one of the benefits of Internet. Students staying in far flung rural locations can now have access to education which otherwise is not available at their place. There are both advantages and disadvantages with online learning. To get into details of online learning, it is also called e-learning. Lot...

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Does music soothe your nerves while studying or distracts you?

Aug 14

Music, Shakespeare had rightly said, is the food for love! What a literary master had proved through his writings centuries ago has been corroborated by modern scientific research. Music is indeed a panacea for many ills, both physical and mental, and food for the soul. Research shows that music has profound effects on...

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Features of Research Design

Jul 04

The main focus of a researcher after developing a research problem is to create an accurate design to solve the same. A good research design must be able to reduce the preconceptions and at the same time increase the data reliability. Further, it should be able to provide maximum information and give only negligible...

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Creating the Right Atmosphere for Research

Jun 04

Research means methodical examination into, and knowledge of, resources and materials in order to set up evidence and to arrive at novel conclusions. A researcher needs to find out gaps in earlier research works and after finding the loopholes he or she tries to find answer to the question that occurs in their mind. The...

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