How to maintain work-life balance

Jan 15

Get, set and prioritize! This is the only way to achieve a balance between your work life and personal life. You need to understand that you cannot do everything for everyone. So, focus on things you are assigned to, and you are good at. Do not miss-commit to your seniors at the office and to your family members.

It is very important to understand your own self before striking balance between your work and personal life. You need to know what makes you feel good or bad. For example – If you are good at waking up in the morning, do not stay awake late at night either for office work or for personal engagements. If you have an option to work from home, then, you need to set time limits for the same and stick to it. Apart from this, you got to find some personal time for yourself for the refreshment of your mood and to spend quality time with activities that you love – be it as simple as reading your favourite book, listening to your favourite music or playing soccer with your kids, etc. Also, exercise and meditation can help you achieve peace of mind, with which you will be able to channelize your workflow and start maintaining balance in your life.

Time management is the key to living life. Without this, your life will lack balance, and this is what happens with most of us who are busy minting money without even thinking about our families, friends, and self. When you give your boss easy access to you by being available on the phone 24*7 and on emails, you take this time off from your family, which means you are not available for them at all. This causes chaos in relationships, and you lose your peace of mind.

Many times, you become the victim of a serious problem called insomnia, which is generally caused due to excessive stress. Hence, your health starts to deteriorate.\\

You do not exercise due to mis –managed time, and in turn, your mood never gets that upswing which is normal for a healthy human body. The key to maintaining a work-life balance is turning off your gadgets and not making them the only important thing in life. Instead of chatting up on the phone, talk to family members around you, socialize with your friends, go for a long drive, etc. Believe it or not, you will find a different yourself, and your energy levels will be high to achieve all kinds of balances in your life.

Live life, don’t just spend it!


  1. gaurav /

    I know a lot of people who can’t set balance between work-life balance. Gonna share it with a lot of people!

  2. loren /

    Managing personal life with a research life is a hell of a task. I personally have faced a lot of family issues due to this.

  3. Jack /

    This is Very Helpful Post. Always there are issues in managing both professional and personal life.

  4. The chances of excessive stress might lead to depression so we need to give some personal time wherein we can balance both and can lead happy healthy life.

  5. Jack /

    Always there are issues in managing both professional and personal life.This is Very Helpful Post.

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