UPSC Exam Guidance – Tips on how to start UPSC preparation

Nov 28

UPSC Exam Guidance – Tips on how to start UPSC preparation

Every year hundreds of aspirants appear for UPSC exams, but selective aspirants only get the admissions. Any sorts of competitive exams are never an easy task. Each of the competitive exams needs a good focus and there should be proper planning to prepare for the exams. Nowadays, coaching classes are highly ruling in a student’s brain. Very few aspirants are vision self-studying. Whatever, it may be student’s selection of the way to prepare for the exams; there are few steps that can be helpful for them.

Let’s read out those few points: –


  • Exams date


Every aspirant should know their deadlines of final day exams. They should know by what time they need to cover up the complete course studies and start revision. The aspirants need to keep revise multiple times in different ways. A number of times they revise, it makes them easier to appear in the final attempt as they get practiced to paper pattern and their speed also increases with every time they revise.

  1. Know the courses

It is essential for the aspirants what they need to prepare for the exams. A syllabus is available to every aspirant. It is their responsibility to go through it thoroughly and clear the doubts beforehand if any.

Knowing the syllabus is the basic and foremost thing to know before turning the pages of study books. The syllabus for the civil services preliminary and the main exams is provided by UPSC in detailed and well-defined ways. Following the syllabus is helpful for any aspirants to focus on a relevant part to study.

Top UPSC coaching classes in Nagpur provide the best guidelines related to the syllabus to each aspirant to make them prepare for the exams to their best effort.

  1. Select the detailed reference books

The NCERT books play a great role in preparing the exams. Mostly, all the coaching classes refer to NCERT books. The aspirants get the basic concepts and theories from these textbooks. There have been many questions from NCERT books directly in the previous year.

The best UPSC classes provide the detailed list of books in each subject to make easy for the aspirants to collect their study materials.

  1. Make a timetable

Whichever, exams the candidate appears for, making a timetable is almost compulsory and to follow it is crucial. It will be tough for any aspirant if they study abruptly. It won’t allow them to complete the courses on time. Rather it may create confusion at the end. Properly planned timetable and discipline to follow the timetable play a great role in achieving the great scores in the exams.

  1. Choosing optional

The optional subject is of great importance for an aspirant. It plays a significant in scoring for the aspirant. The aspirants should choose a comfortable and favorite subject as optional. The optional subject also needs to complete attention of an aspirant for the preparation. UPSC classes in Nagpur also provide the basic tips and guidance to prepare for the optional exams.

  1. Making notes

Notes are of great help for the last moment preparation. Before a day or two of exams, it is not possible to go through the complete textbook. Notes are prepared with the important lines and details which can be easily revised in the last moments. It is essential to make the notes chapter wise and in different notebooks for each subject.

  1. Solving the previous year question paper

The previous year examination papers are the best source to get the ideas of paper pattern and the sorts of questions information for both the main and prelims exams. Solving the previous year sample paper will give good practice plus it enhances the confidence to appear the exam. The aspirants should check the previous exams paper should match with the modified syllabus.

  1. Magazines and newspapers

Reading magazines and newspapers in addition to course study books are most important. Pick out all the relevant and current affairs knowledge from the daily newspapers and magazines gains a crucial role in UPSC exams.

  1. Revision

Mostly, the revision is done before a few days of exams. But, it is more helpful if the revision is done at least once before three months of exams which is extensively useful to gather the fair knowledge of where exactly the aspirants are standing in their preparation. The revisions help to build up the aspirants’ confidence to appear in the final attempt.

  1. Mock test series

Mock test series are an essential part of UPSC exams preparation. It helps in realizing and learning the mistakes. Accordingly, they can approach the methods of preparation and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

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