How to Prepare Reasoning for SSC CGL Exam

Oct 23

How to Prepare Reasoning for SSC CGL Exam

Reasoning is a scoring section in SSC CGL exam. However, there is no particular formula or a trick to solve questions. Reasoning aims to check your logical thinking ability to interpret a situation and produce the best results. The only technique to score the higher marks in reasoning is practising lots of question. However, there are still lots of other strategies that you should follow to prepare reasoning for SSC CGL.

Choose the best Institute for SSC Coaching in Delhi

Join the best SSC coaching institute in Delhi so that you get a high-quality study material covering lots of reasoning questions for your practice. You will also be informed tricks that will help you attempt questions quickly.

Mock tests and previous years’ papers

Mock tests are very important to practice for the examination purpose. The best SSC coaching institute in Delhi will provide you with mock tests and previous years’ papers. These tests will help you analyse whether or not you are able to attempt questions within time. You will also get an idea of what kind of problems are asked in the examination.

Important topics to practice

Coding-decoding, puzzles, syllogism, series, and analogy are important as well as scoring topics. You should start your preparations with these topics. Once you have done lots of practice of these questions, you should move onto non-verbal reasoning questions such as image assembling, figure-counting etc. practise these topics as much as you can. You may take extra time to solve these questions, but you can make it less time-consuming with lots of practice.

Moderate reasoning questions are also important, for example, blood relations, data sufficiency, seating arrangements etc. every year questions are asked from these topics. Don’t ignore these topics. You may think that you can easily attempt such problems, but they are time-consuming. With enough practice, you can attempt these questions quickly.

Use good reference books

Consulting a good reference book is essential to qualify the exam. The more questions you practise, the more you hone your skills. You should buy a book that covers all topics from the examination point of view. Instead of referring multiple books, you should concentrate on one book and practise all questions from that book. The best SSC coaching institute will provide you with enough study material that you don’t need to buy additional books.

Reasoning is an easier section when it comes to scoring higher grades. Don’t forget to practise all questions from these topics. Good practice means good scores. Practising lots of questions will help you clear all basic concepts.

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