What next after CBSE Results 2016

Jul 07

Almost everyone is well aware of the importance of government services in India. With government jobs aspirants surely get the lucrative career that they’re always looking for. A number of benefits are associated with government services such as less hectic schedules, job satisfaction, regular incentives, allowances,...

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The Role of Private Equity Lawyers

May 19

Do you want to know what private equity lawyers do? If yes, read on. To comprehend what private equity lawyers do, you require taking a step back and know about a private equity firm, i.e. the client of a private equity lawyer. Typically, private equity companies operate funds that include the investment of pension...

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The Enigma of Nursery Admissions in Delhi

Apr 25

In Delhi, there seems to be a race among parents when it comes to applying to Schools for Nursery Admissions. Some parents boasts of the fact that they have applied to more than 30 schools and some remain contented with a simple number 10. So much is the nervousness that parents do not want to see their kids losing out...

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Why People are Choosing Private Schools Over Government Schools?

Oct 13

One day, my housemaid came and asked for some monetary help. When asked for the reason, she told me that her younger son is studying in some private school nearby and she needs to buy some books and belongings for him. I asked her, “Why don’t you send him to a government school? Fees are lesser there comparatively...

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Groundworks required for being an Entrepreneur

Aug 25

One cannot turn out to be an entrepreneur in just a day. It is a series of interconnected processes, through which an aspiring entrepreneur has to traverse, and implementation of some strategic moves can transform him / her to an entrepreneur. These are considered as some of the basic rules for preparing a detailed...

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Is the cost of education in India a deterrent for aspiring students?

Nov 07

For generations, education in India has always been a fantasy for many people. The price associated with schooling/college courses has been the major factor behind this inaccessibility. Moreover the best institutes of learning are located in the cities and metros of the country. Therefore those living in the rural and...

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